Bloggers and Influencers have become the new strategy for companies who plan on increasing awareness for their brand or simply need a creative way to promote specific products. The overall market for influencers may be growing, but it’s good to follow some tips and tricks to make sure you’re on the right track to showing off brands the right way.

  1. Be authentic

    Cliché, yes… but it is surprisingly necessary to address. Social media tends to send us in the “fake it ‘til you make it” direction, but being your genuine self will help you shine through.

  2. Consistency

    Being consistent is very important when developing your personal brand and audience. Be reliable with your feed’s theme, the content you provide, and even how often you post.

  3. Careful planning

    Setting some time aside during the week to plan out your social media goals for the short and long term will help you determine what actions you need to take to improve.

  4. Research the brand(s)

    There have been some setbacks to the influencer market after the release of the Fyre Festival documentaries…you can literally be stuck on your own island backing the wrong company. It’s important to know the brand that you’re promoting thoroughly to build and maintain credibility.

  5. Quality over quantity.

    Posting quality content a few times a week is better than posting sub par content every day.

  6. Reach out

    Develop your connections and get to know your fellow bloggers and influencers. Networking is extremely important when it comes to expanding your social circle. That’s the point of social media after all.

  7. Get inspired

    Checking out recent trends and finding creative ways to incorporate these trends into your social media profile will communicate that you’re up-to-date with what’s happening!

  8. #Hashtags!

    You have a limit of up to 30 hashtags, so make use of a wide range of relevant topics! Target your specific audiences and try a variety of broad and narrow hashtags to your liking.

  9. IG stories

    Posting stories consistently on your platform will show that you love engaging with your followers and updating them on what’s going on with you. People will be waiting for your next story! Incorporate Instagram’s “story highlights” feature to make sure your followers don’t miss out!

  10. Show your support for others

    Engage with and discover similar accounts by following and liking their content because they will show you some love back.

  11. Interact with your followers

    People love genuine interaction and are less inclined to unfollow when you’re actually engaging with them, so get to it!

  12. Keep your space positive

    Make sure that all negative comments are deleted or that you respond promptly if it is a customer service issue. Keep spam off the account so everyone can enjoy making a streamlined visit to your page.

  13. Know your competition

    Are there other influencers and bloggers that you keep tabs on? Observe their content and strategy because you might learn something new.

  14. Edit your photos the right way

    Don’t overdo your FaceTune so much that it looks too far from your true appearance. What will people say when they stumble upon you IRL? Don’t overedit your photos to where it becomes grainy and low quality. Make your photos look clean, crisp, and presentable- maybe even go for a #nofilter opportunity!

  15. Amplify through ads

    Don’t have any shame in promoting your content through paid ads. This is especially great when you’re sponsoring a brand or a product, and you want to get their message out there! Run an ad or two for a week and then analyze your results.

  16. Stay positive and don’t lose sight of reality

    We all have our weeks where we’re busy with our regular lives that we forget to update our social media. This is normal. We are all human and you have the right to enjoy certain aspects of life without having to post it on the ‘gram. You can update your followers with a followup IG story or post letting them know what you had going on throughout the week! Don’t let skipping posts become a habit.

3 (BONUS!) Secrets for an Increased Engagement Rate

  1. Giveaways

    Who doesn’t love free stuff? If you don’t have the budget for this, reach out to a brand that will sponsor you that can give you their products to give away! More people tagging, liking, and commenting will guarantee you an amazing increase in your engagement rate.

  2. Ask questions

    Don’t ask simple yes or no questions- get people thinking! People will start to share and tag their friends so they can get their opinions too. Asking questions via your IG story will nudge people to answer and engage with you.

  3. Instagram Live Stories

    Live streaming for your audience is an amazing way to get people to interact with you. You can also feature some followers on your story, which will send a notification to that influencer’s followers that they’re live with you!

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