Humans grow together.

It’s hard to imagine JP could predict all the success of Fox Digital after two short years…A beautiful office bustling with talent that overlooks the coastline, providing a daily reminder of the power of perseverance.

Or what about the 60+ ongoing success stories from businesses big and small, who sought a different kind of agency who cared about their growth too—one that put client retention above all else.  

Ok, maybe Marino did envision this could happen… We sit down with the Founder and CEO of Fox Digital provided quite a glimpse into one of the greatest success stories in the industry.

The Low Down

Fox Blog: How have you seen the agency go from a wild dream to an established leader in driving client success?

JP Marino: I was here when we were a team of 2, just Mark Ward and I. Since Day 1, Our goal was to form a deeper partnership with fewer clients. Because of this, we’ve been fortunate enough to handpick clients with while adding marketing experts like Kostas McDade. By selecting the right clients and adding world-class talent, Fox continues to keep clients happy while exceeding client retention goals. We’re able to succeed together through scalable omnichannel campaigns that contributed to our clients’ growth. In total, we are up to $1.5 billion in trackable revenue.


FB: That’s impressive in such a short span—seems like a winning recipe. Can you give a specific example of client growth?

JPM: We took a baby product business from $0 in online sales to over $100k-$125k/month in a matter of months. Fox did everything from building the eCommerce site to developing the digital strategic marketing plan. That entails executing paid social display and search engine marketing, setting up promotional and automated email campaigns…We even helped sell them out at—all in less than 6 months.


FB: With that type of explosive revenue potential, it’s easy to see why you have to be selective and turn some prospects away. So what does your client base look like?

JPM: As a boutique agency, we started with a focus on growing fashion and apparel clients then quickly realized we had something special to offer. Because Fox evolved with some of the best and brightest thought leaders, marketing strategists, and creative consultants we were able to leverage our efforts to help other sectors. We’ve been able to scale this same success into many new and exciting industries.  We have successfully driven growth in many different sectors… furniture, consumer electronics, education, health supplements, even baby products. We’ve really found that our Fox Marketing Approach is a revenue-driven formula that’s universal.

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