We are faced with a new digital frontier. Brands and businesses can no longer make it alone in the e-commerce arena. With a saturated marketplace and fierce competition at every turn, a new strategy is required and new partnerships must be formed.

Someone who truly is an expert from top to bottom in all areas of their business is a unicorn—they just don’t exist anymore. We’re living in a world of niche expertise, and you must ask yourself where your company could use the biggest boost.

Do you have great ideas and great products, but lack the marketing strategies and digital resources to get them off the ground?

Have your new customer acquisition, ecommerce revenue or sales leads plateaued and you’re not sure where to turn next?  

Maybe your sales funnel isn’t as optimized as you know it could be, so the prospects you do get just can’t find what they’re looking for… then bounce.  

That’s where we come in.

At Fox Digital, we focus on our area of digital marketing expertise, so that you can succeed in yours.

It starts with developing a highly tactical marketing plan specific to your company needs—identifying the best ways to capture that low-hanging fruit to make the biggest and most immediate impact on ROI, while introducing new website traffic sources to create a steady pipeline of leads and prospects for your business.

You’ve heard that “Content is King”; but it takes much more than just blogs and social media posts to get results.

Delivering the right message, through the right channel, to the right audience, will help you move the needle to drive growth month over month, and year over year.

It’s called the Fox Smart Approach, and it’s easy to see how this can help transform your organization into a revenue-generating machine.

Here’s how:


Testing testing testing. But there’s a lot more to it than just running a few A/B split tests on email subject lines. We specialize in testing email creative, database segments, Facebook/Instagram creative, Facebook/Instagram audiences, call-to-actions, AdWords copy, AdWords keywords, landing pages and others.

Knowing what to test, how to test, then iterate and optimize based on hard data is how Fox Digital turns the information you’re already collecting into actionable intelligence that ends with higher conversions. It’s the most effective way to scale a business without blowing through your budget.


The way people consume information is always changing. While you might have found incredible success through massive email campaigns in the past, what are your plans to sustain future growth? Expand your mailing list?

Maybe it’s time to diversify…

Fox Digital has a constant pulse on the most effective channels—whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google, Bing, Taboola, email marketing or many others—to drive quality traffic and prospects directly to your sales funnel while keeping CPAs and CPMs within your allowable spend.     


The first two points are meaningless if you don’t know who your demographic is.

Maybe you have the perfect message showing on the most popular media channels, but is volume all you’re after? That’s a lot of unqualified traffic bogging down your bottom line.  

Let Fox Digital show you how to identify and capture the highest quality leads that could benefit most from your solutions. This cuts down on operating expenses while increasing lifetime value across the board.

The Fox Smart Approach has worked for so many others, and it could work for you.

But what really makes Fox Digital so unique is this:

We don’t just work for you, we work with you.  

This means we’re fully transparent with clients from the very start. We don’t shroud our data and strategies in secrecy like some others do.

You’ll have direct access to every tool we use at Fox Digital, whether it’s Google analytics, Facebook ads manager, website optimizer and more.

Scheduling weekly check-in calls allows us to walk you through everything, showing what we tested, how we tested, and summarizing key learnings.

Because educating a client really is the best approach. When they understand, they buy into what we’re doing. And together, we build a quarterly strategy that is strong, which allows us to define opportunity, execute, and succeed.

The Fox Smart Approach and our core philosophies work for all sizes of business and we can customize a plan for any budget.

Just look at these success stories: One client who did $26,000 in sales last year, increased to $150,000 this year.

That’s a 600% jump in revenue, and the only difference is they used Fox!Another client that joined in January was having some major growth challenges. We were able to identify and optimize the biggest drop-off points in their sales funnel. Over time, they’ve stabilized business and experienced exceptional growth. The previous holiday season generated a little over $12,000. But with the Fox Smart Approach, they more than tripled their sales this holiday to $39,000.  

Sounds pretty remarkable right? Although there is no way we can guarantee results, we can guarantee we will work as hard as possible to deliver results for you!

If you’d like to know more about how we can apply these proven principles to your unique business model in order to move the needle and accelerate growth, contact Fox Digital now for a free consultation.

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