Digital marketing is a crucial aspect of the entire marketing strategy of a business. When it comes to choosing a marketing strategy you cannot rely on a single or some traditional route. This is not considered to be a practical move globally in the current market atmosphere. In order to make your marketing strategies effective, both online and offline methods have to be used efficiently.

For any business owner, two routes are available for digital marketing channels

  1.   In-house Style
  2.   Outsource Style

Now the question is which one to choose? Let’s see the pros and cost associated with each option:

In-house Digital Marketing 

With rapid technological advancement and sufficient resources in online technologies, In-house strategies and techniques had been famous with global businesses. Now let’s check if this can be the right option for you.

Why In-house the channels?

  1.   Having your own In-house marketing team means having access to a dedicated and flexible pool of digital marketers who are well aware of the goals, objectives and ins and outs of your venture. 
  2.   You can have your own marketing team with known digital marketing strategy working in line.
  3.   In-house gives you an option to increase employee retention which enables the employees to cope up with better challenges and improved skills by working on your in-house programs.
  4.   Above all you do not need any outside person to be a part of your new campaign, saves your extra cost.

But all these benefits with no cost? That is highly unlikely

  1.   A new in-house team can lead to additional expenses for the business which they cannot afford. If they have made heavy investments in other areas of the business or marketing assets.
  2.     A raw in-house team may not be qualified enough or capable to deal with new digital marketing strategies. Especially if they have encountered it for the first time. Such problems are best handled by any external or specific project-based digital marketing partner or any suitable agency.
  3.   Digital marketing requires repetitive activities like social media engagements and other updates. Activities like these and similar ones are done properly if they are left outsourced instead of allocating manpower and other valuable resources. 


The in-house strategy is not the only option though; outsourcing can have its own perks.


  1.   Outsourcing the digital marketing program or part-time provider will save a company nearly half the cost that will be incurred when hiring a full-time worker.
  2.   Outsourcing enables you to work only with skilled and qualified individuals. These individuals are well aware of what they are doing and deliver results accordingly.
  3.   Digital marketing agencies following outsourcing provide the skills that in-house resources do not have access to. 

The question remains, will outsourcing always work?

  1.   Outsourced digital marketers cannot be on-site full time, however, in-house teams can be.
  2.   In outsourcing, you won’t get a chance to react or adjust immediately to any marketing operations. In case of an emergency, you will have to wait for your provider to respond. This can be time-consuming.
  3.     Outsourcing or third-party digital marketing providers operating on traditional hours. In this case, you can miss the engagement with your target audiences that can occur after traditional time. As target audiences can be available 24/7.

Now to decide what digital strategy is best, this is completely up to you, on what basis you choose. You have to analyze which strategy works best for your business, market, industry and target audiences. 

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