Marketing through email is a growing trend in the digital marketing world. The growth of email marketing is because it’s inexpensive and creates more reach. There are innumerable email service providers in the market and that makes the decision tough for marketers. The best email service provider is the one that provides the best segmentation plan. 

Another quality that makes your ESP stands out is providing service like a mind reader. This is where segmentation steps in. Segmentation in marketing means dividing a vast market into smaller portions and devising plans according to the interests of each segment. 

Types of Market Segmentation

It is necessary to keep in view the industry for which segmentation is being used. The following are the markets for which segmentation can be used and targets for ESP are set accordingly.

Consumer Market Segmentation

Consumer market can be segmented on the following four bases:


  • Geographic Segmentation


This means dividing the customer base depending upon the geographical constraints.


  • Demographic Segmentation:


This means segmenting data and profiles based upon the demographic variables such as population density, population growth, etc.


  • Psychographic Segmentation:


This involves segmenting data depending upon the lifestyle and choices of customers.


  • Behavioral Segmentation:


  This means segmenting data by keeping a note of the behavior patterns, prices, purchasing, brand loyalty, etc.

Business Market segmentation

The business market operates a bit differently from the consumer market. It can be segmented on the following basis:

  • Geographic Segmentation

      It is dependent on geographic distribution and location of customers, their concentration within a certain region and some macroeconomic factors.

  • Customer Types

Organization size, industry, and other related factors count towards segmentation on the basis of the customer.

  • Buyer Behavior

Patterns of usage, size of the order, conformity to brands and loyalty to certain brands help in segmentation on the basis of buyer behavior.

Once you have data divided into segments based on the geographic location, demographics, psyche, behavior patterns, areas of interest you will be able to customize emails that make people think you have read their mind.

You can make the most out of the email service provider and segmentation by customizing emails for your customers and then sending them according to their segment. A highly customized email develops a feeling of telepathy with customers and attracts them. This customization can be done by keeping in view the following things:

  • Keeping track of the location of where your audience signs up and target them accordingly.
  • The data collected from the profiles give some information about the personal interests of the audience. When the email service is monitored according to their personal interests of the audience customer base is increased. 
  • Personal interests and other behavior patterns of customers can be known by conducting surveys.
  • It is important to employ different marketing strategies to different customers depending upon the factor whether they are online customers or offline customers.

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