Social media and email may serve as separate strategies in business, nevertheless, an associate approach in business while integration both these strategies together brings forth faster and more beneficial outcomes. Email marketing and social media go hand in hand. And when it comes to PAID SOCIAL MEDIA, this integration becomes handier.

Before moving on to how their integration may work, let’s consider a few individual aspects.

Paid social media helps:

  • Developing brand presence
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Developing a community of followers
  • Recurring visitors to business pages
  • Maximum conversion

Email strategy is helpful:

  • Developing connections with consumers
  • Targeting of consumers
  • Pitching business to subscribers
  • Customer retention
  • Offering promotions and opportunities

Marketers must combine social media with email strategies. This belief of today’s marketers has led to prove through research that 93% of marketers are actually using Facebook for paid promotions.

The integration of paid social media with email marketing strategies has numerous advantages. If we call upon discretely, their benefits are striking:

Large outreach of audience

Unlike traditional social media, paid social media allows segmenting, targeting and position in a much improved and unique way. You become the controller of your message, you decide what narrative you are going to carry in your content and to whom. The way message is communicated is in your hand; explaining the same, paid social media integrated with emails, is a full-funnel customer fetching solution. 

Attract, engage, and convert

Marketers are facing a dilemma of decreased customer engagement on social media. It is becoming really difficult to convert even on the most famous and highly paid social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. This is when a supercharged email marketing strategy combined with paid social display campaigns brings the desired results.

Integrated tracking

It has now become easier through many tools and tracking options given by social media platforms to track and audience and reuses it to target. A social media visitor of a business page can now easily be targeted through an email campaign. This integration of two powerful platforms have proven results and earn maximum returns on marketing investments. 

Multiplatform marketing

It is an undeniable fact that concentrating your marketing campaigns to limited platforms does not bring the desired results. When your consumers are using multiple channels then the only way to get hold of them is displaying your brand presence on where they go. Some marketers achieve this with a cookie-based technique where they get hold of their customers by pushing them to accept marketing cookies in their browser and then using it to retarget for display ads. Whichever tool you use to target your audience on multiple platforms, just make sure that there is consistency in your brand message.

For instance, if your potential customers interact with a marketing display ad on social media then it is a must that they get an identical message through email campaigns as well. Inconsistencies in marketing message confuse customers and they tend to overlook the advertisement. 

Test, analyze, and repeat

Supercharge your email marketing by testing all strategies and techniques that your competitors are using to grab the market share. Test what works for your business, then after some time analyze if your strategy is working and then repeat the best part of your marketing campaign. Most marketers start from their business pages, build a list of subscribers then unanimously target that specific audience on social media and through email campaigns.  

Integrated email marketing and paid social campaigns can harvest the best outcomes for your business. Combined with inbound marketing and a consistent content strategy your marketing efforts would bring in the desired results to your business.   

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