When you go to a store which thing draws you towards buying a particular product? A rational or logical thought, or your emotions? It is an underrated narrative that decisions of people are based more on emotional behavior rather than logical behavior. Even the most rational behavior is driven unconsciously by emotional or psychological patterns. If the decisions were based entirely on logic, then why would there be so many designs of clothes when all of them serve the same purpose. It is proven that human decisions are influenced more because of emotional triggers than logic and reasoning. It is important to note that logic is processed slowly in the brain as compared to emotions that stir an instant response. To drive traffic to your website you need to get a hold on these triggers. The content they see during these instant drives their actions. If your advertisement is strong enough to catch attention, at first sight, your traffic is more likely to be high. You can achieve this goal by making note of the following points:

Audience research

Before proceeding to your marketing plan, make sure to have a sound understanding of the targeted audience. You must have strong research about the audience their behavior patterns, their purchasing power, their personal interests, etc.

Catchy content

One of the key factors that influence traffic to a website is its content. More precise and emotion-driven the content is more audience will be visiting your site. Your words are the most powerful tool in creating impact and gaining emotional appeal from customers. Use content that stirs the desired feelings rather than using mechanical content and expecting an emotional appeal.   


This is one of the most powerful triggers that most people use in marketing their product. This is something that leaves the audience amazed and they can’t help visiting the site. It includes any such ad or marketing strategy that is something unique and catches the people in surprise. It is one of the most successful emotional triggers used by marketers.


It is proven that people are driven more to content that creates a feeling of joy. People are attracted more towards positivity, optimism, and amusement. Use this emotional trigger to get more buyers from your website.


This emotional trigger works differently for different people. Some people consider it a negative emotional trigger and are adversely affected while some are instantly moved by it. For example, using women’s trials and tribulations can drive substantial traffic by using campaigns that empower women. 


This is the most effective emotional trigger used in marketing strategies. It instantly calls people to action and in most cases; it is the action that we desire them to take. It shapes their decisions which conform to our interests hence generating more traffic to the website. For example, the business of insurance companies is based on triggering this emotion.


You can drive more traffic to your website by creating a sense of belonging to your customers. This can be done by targeting a certain area of interest in linking them to a certain group. For example, people feel a sense of belonging and an emotional connection to different Football or cricket teams.


Companies build an emotional connection to buyers by building trust. This agenda is achieved by using simple strategies such as showing transparency of the company, providing testimonials and customer reviews, keeping in view risk aversion, etc.


Boost your purchases by stirring the emotions of people by setting certain trends. People are influenced by these trends such as “hashtags” used in social media campaigns.

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