With the rise of blockchains, AI, and seemingly a new marketing tech every day- it can be very easy to become lost in the digital times. You might even believe the proselytizers who shout “Email is Dead”…but they are dead wrong. The 2019 approximations from the Radicati Group and Statistica estimate there are nearly 3.8 BILLION user emails with a cumulative average of 293 billion emails sent a day. That is 49% of the global population! Now that you can see how popular email is,  it shouldn’t be surprising to find out email can be one of your highest ROI channels. Don’t believe me yet? Here are some core reasons you should optimize your email strategy today.


Community Interest

The customer gave you their email for a reason. Sure, a few people may only be signing up because they expect a discount code and that’s ok. It’s not inherently bad because those are still direct buying signals…just further down the line. You will never get around the fact that some people are value shoppers. Most people will sign up because your brand communicates to them on a personal level. With proper nurturing, you can also turn those value shoppers into brand buyers.


Authentic connection

Email drives conversation and narrative directly from your brand to the people who care the most. You have an authentic voice to your true community. For this reason, email marketing is one of the highest converting channels out there. It can account for anywhere between fifteen and forty percent of your eCommerce revenue.


Mobile Friendly

More and more people are accessing email on their phone. Inboxes are now being designed with apps or responsive web design to cater to this use. The value of an email over SMS messaging cannot be overstated because email can display content in a meaningful way on ALL mobile devices (tablets or laptops) and the customer is never charged for the message.


Transactional by Design

Like it or not, humans are conditioned by nature. We are trained, in a sense, to respond to email whether it is with a reply or a click through. There is a psychology behind the way we react to certain offers and even color schemes. Email marketing has been consistently designed to present information in a quick and visually relevant manner.


Segment and Conquer

Email marketing has a distinct advantage over other types of digital marketing because you know who is opening your emails. With segmentation, you can build funnels around certain qualities. Do you want to turn repeat purchaser and high AOV customers towards a “VIP” that give them special incentives? That’s just the tip of the iceberg with email marketing.

Optimize your strategy now

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